On Holocaust Memorial Day you swore to ‘tackle predjudice and hatred wherever it is found today’.  Well do it.

The vile racism of the White House does not represent Britain or its people.  We are the nation that stood alone against facsism.  We are the nation of the Kindertransport, smuggling Jewish refugees from the Nazi regime.  We are the co-founders of human rights and the proud home to 120,000 refugees from around the world.

British values stand up for the weak and dispossessed.  British values care not about the colour of your skin or the god that you pray to, but the person that you are.  British values are not isolation and pandering but standing up for what is right at home and abroad.

What kind of leader are you if you dare not question even the most abhorrent and prejudiced views of Donald Trump?  Mrs May, you are no leader at all.

When Laura Kuenssberg questioned Trump’s ‘torture works’, pro-Russia, anti-Muslim and punishment for abortion views he dismissed the question, half-joking ‘there goes that relationship’.  Well what kind of relationship is this?

One where we do not question the racism and hatred of the far-right in the hope of a deal that will irreparably damage consumer rights, product quality and public services?  For a man that thinks Brexit is a ‘God-given’ to steal British business?  A man who has banned over 250,000 British citizens from the United States – crafting the hate-filled implication that they are not ‘fully-British’ – and slammed the door on the desperate and persecuted children of Syria?

That’s not a relationship I want to be part of.

Extraordinarily, our Government is both utterly rudderless and actively driving Britain towards the cliff edge.

Britain needs a Prime Minister, a leader, who will stand up with conviction and strength, not at the fourth time of asking, but the first.  Who will not be afraid to tell Mr Trump that he is wrong, his policies dangerous and that Britain opposes them.

Theresa the Appeaser needs to step up or step aside because the Britain that I know is so much better than the pathetic pandering of her governance.